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Pasta for Dessert II : Chocolate Tagliatelle

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A vamped-up Pierre Hermé recipe of homemade chocolate noodles in a rich bergamot-flavored chocolate sauce with thyme ice cream.

For my third try of dessert pasta I took an original recipe by Pierre Hermé, a French pastry guru. To make it more attractive I served it with a bergamot flavored chocolate sauce and thyme ice cream which I knew to be a winner. The combination did not work but have a look to see the fun we had!


200gr of semolina flour is sifted.

Add 3 eggs and beat them.


Add 50gr icing sugar...


... and then 50 gr cocoa powder.


Mix with a fork...


... and then work by hand into a smooth paste. Leave in the fridge for 90 minutes wrapped tightly in tin foil.


Spread cocoa powder and some icing sugar on the work space and cut the dough in 3 pieces.


Stretch the dough with the rolling pin until very thin.


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