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Artikel ‘Pizza Fritta - traditional Neapolitan deep-fried pizza’
The nice Italian mothers of my classmates at the parochial school I attended in the early to mid 60's would make pizza fritte two or three times a year for charity (instead of a more traditional bake sale.)  We kids would have one or two with tomato sauce and then follow it with one for dessert with powdered sugar.  They were small enough that three of them were not too much to eat.
Bill Van Riper - 05/09/2011

Artikel ‘Lucknow Edible Silver Foil’
Hey guys, If you want these beautiful silver foils for the business or you just want to add delight to the food, then feel free to contact Bharat Arts, Chowk, Lucknow.
Contact person - Mr Mohammad Saleem ( Bauwe Bhai ) - 09336834741
Izharul Hasan - 04/09/2011

Artikel ‘Arab Lamb Ossobuco’
This recipe looks great but I do not see and measurement for the spices, etc.  I am a novice cooker (male) and used to be a chemist.  I need to know 1/2 1/4 ,etc measurments
Randy L Brooks - 03/09/2011

Artikel ‘Spaghetti in Squid Ink Sauce’
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, i've been trying to find an authentic cuttlefish dish to put on in my soon to open restaurant in north devon Engand.With huge thanks to Sophie for giving it a bit of a twist.I'm fortunate to have a cuttlefish processing factory near my home and they've agreed to supply me with the ink and cuttlefish.
I'm also drawn to the dark side to taste something which isn't quite acceptable to the eye.Frank close your eyes and dive in you wont be disappointed, a little suprised but not disappointed.Happy days and my fondest regards, thanks again.

fatbelly fred - 30/08/2011

Artikel ‘Arancini, the cult Sicilian dish’
I'll be trying this recipe soon. I'm lucky enough to live an Italian neighborhood, so I've been eating these things for a long time without realizing that they were special (in my area we just call them "rice balls" most pizza places have them) and the restaurants in my area (Northern NJ) make them about as big or bigger than a grapefruit. Thanks, I always did wonder how they were made!
Nicole - 26/08/2011

Artikel ‘Duck Tour d'Argent’
Very nice & thanks for the pictures, reminded me of a great dinner. Only comment to the sauce, it should never boil otherwise the blood coagulates and becomes grainy.
Antonio - 25/08/2011

Artikel ‘Swiss Saffron Harvest’
I miss you. where are you? I keep checking to see if you're back. Are you coming back at all? Please say you will!
bertha - 25/08/2011

Artikel ‘Now that's Chicken Tandoori’
Today evening just went on the net and asked for Indian whole chicken marinate and got this recepie.My whole family loved it .thank you for the lovely recpie.
anupama pai - 24/08/2011

Artikel ‘Do you make your own paneer?’
I have been searching for cheese recipes for the past week. Today I found your beautiful photos and excellent instructions! I just tried this today, and it was so easy! I started off with a 1/2 gallon of 2% milk (USA), and 1 TBS of lemon juice, but it didn't form a curd, so I added 1 cup of half-and-half (half cream, half milk), and 2 TBS of white vinegar. I heated the milk to 190ºF, stirred it slow and then let it sit for 45 minutes.  I got 2 cups of curd for my efforts, and it is beautiful! I didn't drain all the whey off, as I wanted a softer cheese for spreading. I will never buy cheese again! I have another 1/2 gallon of milk on hand, and am going to experiment with herbs and seasonings next. Thank you!
Denise - 24/08/2011

Artikel ‘Tandoor-Roasted Boiled Leg of Lamb’
Hi, I don't have a tandoor but have a roemertopf and conventional oven. Can you let me know the what should be the temperature of the oven (fan forced) and approximately how long does the lamb should be in. I know you have given the temperature of 25/45 degree but some pointers as to the minimum time it needs to be in. Thanks!
Rohit - 23/08/2011

Artikel ‘Buckwheat Pancakes Secrets’
What kind of grinder is this?
SueSea - 22/08/2011

Artikel ‘Pumpkin Sauce Penne’
I found this recipe three years ago and tried it back then... it's the only pumpkin sauce pasta I make now!  I make it exactly as directed, and it works so very well.  Thanks for keeping this link live.
Mercedes - 22/08/2011

Artikel ‘Fry Eggplants like a Sicilian Mama’
Love eggplant, but always am looking for a better way.  I found it here.  It turned out wonderfully!  Thank you.
Sandi - 19/08/2011

Artikel ‘Your own personal home tandoor’
I have constructed a tandoor using basic things like a large size flower planter, play sand, and metal trash can. This has come out very good. I have had two parties at my house and this is the main focus of all the guests when I start to feed the "Beast". The Nan and chicken tikka came out professional quality. Spent way much less $$ than commercially available tandoors.
I am glad I built it and looking forward to enjoying the authentic tandoori Nans and other tandoori dishes.
Niraj Gupta - 17/08/2011

Artikel ‘Jerk Tandoori Chicken’
excelente receta me gusto mucho la explicacion y las fotos tengo 2 preguntas 1. con que se puede acompañar de guarnicion este platillo y 2 abra alguna diferencia si en ves de cocerlo en el horno, lo parrille?? espero tu respuesta gracias.
julio lara - 16/08/2011

Artikel ‘Homemade Orgeat Syrup (French Barley Water)’
Was happy to find your recipe.
In New Orleans, orgeat syrup is what it used to make a true Nectar Ice Cream Soda.
the local syrup is colored pink.

Pour a little syrup in bottom of tall glass, add cold milk, add scoop (or 2) good vanilla ice cream, fill glass with soda water.
Very best ice cream soda ever!!!
Carolyn Kolb - 15/08/2011

Artikel ‘Spelt Pappardelle with Grouse Sauce’
Looks delicious ! Order your grouse online with Allens of Mayfair, online butcher. Directly to your door !
online grouse - 15/08/2011

Artikel ‘Saint Martin Fair’
Now for an irrelevant observation. I was looking for infos on the French Foire S. Martin's traditional gypsy caravans, when I found your page.VG thanks. It was a magic moment when I glimpsed those richly carved and colorfully painted masterpieces while I was driving into Perpignan, to work. They were parked on the banks of the river and had apparently arrived overnight.
   Never seen anything like them en Angleterre. Bonjour from Patricia
name Patricia - 14/08/2011

Artikel ‘Potato Chips Night Shift’
Green tea is made from clean unfermented simply leaves involving Camellia sinensis, it has a smaller amount quantity of caffeine in comparison to dark tea along with oolong tea benefits. You need this cheap phentermine
elurgyevigile - 13/08/2011

Artikel ‘The Battle of the Knoedel’
Great article !

I was raised in Switzerland and the South Tirol. Your article and pictures brought back many wonderful memories ( minus all the onions I used to chop every day ).

Keep up the good work !


Dr. Rob Case - 13/08/2011

Artikel ‘Potato Chips Night Shift’
Right now, I visited any Halloween night store, and a few Asian lady (home, many buyers come from The philipines)... had been having a new Louis Vuitton dark-colored epi noe.... really cute.... it was really applied, but nonetheless attention grabbing... My partner and i  LV M91468
accented your ex throughout spanish and she or he thanked myself for preference the girl "Epi", great huh... LV is really a general object/language... : )....  She accented my own Trouville....  Strange factor was, I had created never ever truly taken notice of the particular outlines through the Epi natural leather....
Rickweqw2zmx - 13/08/2011

Artikel ‘Guanciale, the magical Roman bacon’
I enjoyed the article very much. I especially appreciate the correct pronunciation of the word. I'm making my own right now. I just finished mixing salt, sugar,peppercorns, fresh thyme and garlic. It will stay in the fridge for a week and then will hang for 3 weeks.
My recipe is different than the one you describe, but I'd love to find this one.

I breed Berkshire pigs that live on pasture and in a hardwood forrest with lots of acorns. I've made some great pancetta, sausage and all the other great cuts of meat from this amazing animal, the pig. I don't think you can raise a better animal for meat. Yum!
Dan - 13/08/2011

Artikel ‘Serious Pasta alla Norma’
Acaba de mandarme la receta mi hijo q. vive en Israel, quedo encantado, ...ya la estoy haciendo, me parece fantastica, y facil, ...gracias

Artikel ‘Alpine Rabbit Stew’
I love the cat comment as well, I was just looking on Craigslist and saw they have a multitude of cats for free!  Just a coinsidence;)  Anyway, the recipe looks wonderful and since I raise my own rabbits, I think I may have to try this for a family of 6 that are coming for supper on Saturday.  
Dawn Mathews - 11/08/2011

Artikel ‘Cardamom Plantation Visit’
I am very happy to read your articles it’s very useful for me,
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All comments and articles are very useful and very good.
Your blog is very attention-grabbing. I am loving all of the in
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Indian Spices

Indian Spices - 11/08/2011

Artikel ‘Bigoli, Bigolaro, Bigolarist’
Hi Fx, love your blog & your details instruction.  The only problem is, I live in the US, and I would like to purchase both the garganelli comb and the bigoli machine.  I don't speak Italian so how do I order these fancy gadgets?  Thanks so much
Gigi - 11/08/2011

Artikel ‘Swiss Alps Cheesemaking’
This cheese making is actually making me drool. Simply amazing so glad I click the link. Now I am going to go smother something in cheese.
Collection Agency - 10/08/2011

Artikel ‘Paris' Oldest Kitchen Equipment Shop’
Thank you so much for identifying this store to me.  8 yrs ago I visited this tremendous store, but then lost track of it.  Back in Paris and planning on going back.  Thanks.
Pam - 09/08/2011

Artikel ‘Swiss Federal Fast Soup’
I enjoyed this so much...the next best thing to being there. This is one of the best food blogs I've ever read!! Great writing, wonderful pictures - couldn't be better.
Helen McHargue - 09/08/2011

Artikel ‘Serious Pasta alla Norma’
I was recently in Italy and they kept mentioning this "alla Norma", which they now top their pizza's with it as well... but I didn't know at first what it was.
I had the pasta, and it was amazing!
I want to try this recipe at home.. it's just that I worry that the fresh ricotta won't give it the same taste.
Lori - 09/08/2011

Artikel ‘Pasta con i fagioli’
I like your pictures very much, but I can die for Italian Soups with legumes. Beside the Pasta e fagioli, I really like cooking Mes-ciua, a soup of beans, chickpeas and spelt. But the upper one is always a classic!
Rupert - 09/08/2011

Artikel ‘Spaghetti in Squid Ink Sauce’
I just made this pasta for dinner tonight, FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to use this recipe again for a dinner party. Thank you so much.
olivia - 08/08/2011

Artikel ‘Pizza Fritta - traditional Neapolitan deep-fried pizza’
We were stationed at San Vito Dei Normani Air Station in the 70's,  loved to stop in San Vito on the way to Carovigno at night, to pick up a Fritelli - fresh deep fried pizza on our order, we always got ham, cheese, artichokes, olives.  I still remember the smell and taste and have had nothing like it since.   It was a little street vendor shop.  If anyone's seen a recipe, would love to know
Sharon - 07/08/2011

Artikel ‘Tandoor-Roasted Boiled Leg of Lamb’

Really good recipe.  I tried it and really liked it.  where do you purchase the rotisserie pitchfork?  I've tried looking for it online and in stores with no luck.  


PS  I live in the US.
venu osuri - 05/08/2011

Artikel ‘Rabbit Head Pasta’
I have been trying to find a recipe for rabbit head rillettes which I bought in France and enjoyed for lunch with crusty french bread. A combiation of this recipe -vegs + advice on how to take a head apart on another web site might be the answer. I'll let you know. As you can tell I am not squeamish, and can remember when a child  my auntie making rabbit stew, the head was a special treat for my uncle.
nameBELZA - 04/08/2011

Artikel ‘Bubble gum ice cream’
I know this an old article, but I have to tell you thank you so much -- I wanted to make bubble gum ice cream & this is one of the few recipes I found.  I used Bazooka Joe & made it for a 6year old birthday party -- the taste is so unbelievably primal, kids & adults adored it.  Thank you!
brooklyn ice cream lover - 01/08/2011

Artikel ‘Fry Eggplants like a Sicilian Mama’
A great article for someone who has never fried an eggplant.  I had heard about salting or soaking, but didn't know exactly what to do.  Also, I never suspected that which way the eggplant was sliced would make any difference.  I would definitely return to you when looking for more info.
Lorna Kellogg - 31/07/2011

Artikel ‘Swiss Saffron Harvest’
I miss your illuminating and witty points and fantastic photography and video.

Can you please, upon reading this, consider returning to your pasttime with making these great stories and recipes again?

-- Thomas
Thomas - 28/07/2011

Artikel ‘Kouign Amann’
I followed this recipe exactly, and the result was just absolutely heavenly. So humble, yet much better than the fancy desserts you get at restaurants these days! How inspiring. FX, I really hope that you return to blogging. In any case, thanks for keeping the site up, as some of my best meals have come from here, and in many ways, from you, so it's really nice to be able to return to them. Thank you!
Erika - 27/07/2011

Artikel ‘Pistachier at Lenôtre’
Dear FX:
I like very much your website, stories and especially the recipes! I would love to try to make these tea cakes this weekend, but I have a small favor to ask you: Could you please be kind enough to review the instructions for the recipe? you mention "sugar" and "Baking Powder" in the ingredients but they are not used. Did you mean to add the baking powder with the flour, and the sugar to the egg whites after whipping them to medium soft peaks? (this is my guess..). Also, this "sugar", is it regular white granulated sugar?

Joanna - 26/07/2011

Artikel ‘Moldavian Pig Slaughter’
I am from Philippines, but I am here now in America yes i saw this how many times when I was growing-up. I check here online because this is my "topic" for my "Informative" speech I will do it tomorrow. So let see how this works. hehehe thank you for sharing.
Junice - 25/07/2011

Artikel ‘Salama da sugo’
I love your writing. This article made me guffaw! Ugh, I never want to encounter that beast of a sausage!

Frankie, blogAuthor of:

frankie - 20/07/2011

Artikel ‘Malakoff - Swiss Deep-Fried Cheese Sticks’
Muy buen articulo Los acabo de probar en un restaurant L'union , deliciosos ...aunque en forma redonda ...no me acuerdo con que queso... gracias
Enrique Parra - 19/07/2011

Artikel ‘Behind the Scene at Alain Ducasse's’
A wonderful presentation of an extraordinary dish. Thank you!
Peter Zimmer - 17/07/2011

Artikel ‘Arancini, the cult Sicilian dish’
There's a restaurant down the street from me here in Oakland, California, that makes these. Theirs are about the size of real oranges, and the filling varies, probably due to whatever they had left over from the day before, as the restaurant's menu changes daily. Anyhow, they're delicious! Yours is the most persuasive recipe I found online, and I see no reason why a Swiss can't make anything.  I lived years ago in Basel, and it was gastronomically (and in many other ways) revelatory. Oh gosh, I wish I could get a good Kremschnitte here.  Thank you!
Wendy - 15/07/2011

Artikel ‘Swiss Saffron Harvest’
alors quelle belles phtos bm
bm - 15/07/2011

Artikel ‘Bubble gum ice cream’
I made this using double bubble gum while I wait for my friend to ship me Malabar gum from the UK. My issue is the gum stuck to everything. My pot, my spatuala, and my strainer. I'm having a heck of a time getting it all off. I saw your recommendation about boiling water, I still seem to have some issue. Was me letting it seep for 20 minutes a bad idea? I like the idea of using gum to flavor instead of gum flavor (if that makes sense), but the mess is super annoying. On the flip side, I have not made it into ice cream yet but the color was good and adding a few dabs of icing color (pink) made it electric and fantastic looking. Bubble gum ice cream is available in my old home town in So. Cal but I have never found it on the east coast in stores. Thank you!
Jessica - 15/07/2011

Artikel ‘Bubble gum ice cream’
I have finally found a decent bubble gum ice-cream recipe....one problem. What happens if you don't own a ice-cream maker, anything else you can use?
I really want to make this recipe, as i'm dying to try homemade bubble gum ice-cream!
Elise - 14/07/2011

Artikel ‘My New Italian Chitarra Pasta Cutter’
I have just inherited my grandmothers Chitarra, on one side it needs to be restrung. My husband was looking for information on restringing and came across your website. Thank you, I went to "fantes.com" where I found what we were looking for. I also inherited my great grandmothers "stick". It is the long wooden handle used to roll out the pasta dough.  Today I had the privilege to teach my granddaughter what I learned as a child. In response to a writers problem, after I roll the pasta on the chitarra, what does not fall I use a pastry brush to brush it down, it works well.
Maria - 12/07/2011

Artikel ‘Japanese Green Tea’
Interesting read. I like the photos, I wish I can capture the water pouring that well. The Japanese have indeed perfected many ideas they borrowed from the Chinese, however in my humble opinion, they emphasize too much about the preparation not enough for the drinking of teas.
Chineseteas101.com - 02/07/2011

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