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Foie Gras Stuffed Corn-Fed Chicken

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A simple yet impressive recipe by Hélène Darroze using some of the finest ingredients known to man.

Chicken stuffed with foie gras
1 corn-fed chicken, about 1.5kg
300gr fresh foie gras
300gr orecchiette pasta
Piment d'Espelette
Morels dry or fresh

Wash, then cut the foie gras it in 2cm/1'' cubes. Try to remove the red veins without turning your foie gras into corned beef.

In a very, very hot saucepan, briefly sauté the foie gras cubes on all sides. You want to brown the surface a bit, not cook them nor melt them. This should take 60 seconds or so. Remove the foie gras from the hot pan and season with salt and Piment d'Espelette.

Boil the pasta until half cooked, then put under cold water to stop the cooking. Mrs Darroze speaks about cooking it al dente, but that will get you a much overcooked pasta as it will continue to cook inside the bird for almost an hour.

If using, soak the dry mushrooms in water or briefly sauté fresh mushrooms with some duck fat. Mix pasta, foie gras, chopped parsley and mushrooms and season with salt and Piment d'Espelette as needed.

Open the bird and clean it inside out.

Stuff with the pasta mix. Press with the spoon to make a tight stuffing. Set aside the extra pasta.

In a metallic oven proof dish place the chicken, its paws and neck. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and put it in the oven.

Sew or tie the chicken neck to prevent the stuffing from pouring out. Here I used one of these gizmos home chefs buy wondering if they'll ever use it. Worked like a charm.

Heat your oven to 180°C and put some of the melted foie gras fat left in the saucepan into the dish.

Turn the chicken several times in the first 15 minutes so the very hot dish will brown the skin all around. Cook for about 50 minutes in total, basting regularly with the juices that will accumulate in the ovenproof dish.

Let the chicken rest for a full 10 minutes before carving. You can wrap it in foil to preserve heat. While you wait, use the oven's residual heat to finish the extra stuffing. You'll serve it as a side dish.

Carve the chicken carefully.


The stuffing is removed with a spoon and served alongside with the chicken.


This is a very good recipe although it is very hard not to overcook the pasta. French chef Hélène Darroze used the bird juices to make a jus served over the chicken.


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  • #1
  • Comment by B.
Hi, I just came upon your blog, and I don't presume to be anywhere near
this level of cuisine, but I do have one helpful tip! When you're
having trouble with twice-cooked pasta getting overdone (like this
recipe or in a lasagna), just pour boiling water over the pasta and let
it steep until slightly softened. That way it won't be dry, but it
won't overcook. Also this is a lot easier than trying to fish out
lasagna noodles or manicotti of a pot of water without them breaking!
  • #2
  • Answered by fx
Sounds like sound advice! Here I used bought orecchiette with a normal cooking time of 20 minutes. But I think even if you put them in dry they would turn out overcooked. Thanks for the comment anyway.
  • #3
  • Comment by constantins
.. great photos, great produce, great fun site... can't get enough of it since found last week. truly and nicely addictive; thank you !! ça change les idées
  • #4
  • Answered by fx
Constantins I ate at the restaurant where Mrs Darroze cooks a couple days ago and didn't find it any better than what you can make at home with good products. Thanks!
  • #5
  • Comment by Thomas
Great site! What's the "gizmo" that you used here to sew the bird? where can you find them? Thanks!
  • #6
  • Answered by fx
Thomas, thanks for visiting. I bought this corkscrew-like accessory a couple years ago in some kitchen gadget shop but didn't save the box, sorry. Glad you noticed it, it's a great gadget!
  • #7
  • Comment by LongshotSNN
Hi FX, I'm just wondering whether this recipe could be adapted to something like just chicken breasts alone, if I'm cooking for 1-2 persons, as I'm not a big fan of preparing whole chickens and have no space or kitchen resources? But that aside, nice pictures and I commend your photography! The quality of your palate goes without saying.
  • #8
  • Answered by fx
Longshot, you might do this just with a foie gras slice quickly seared, then the chicken breasts and some pasta. Will be quite different but hey, the goal is to have fun!
  • #9
  • Comment by foiegrasiscruel
Hi, just to let you know, foie gras is terribly cruel and a barbaric way to treat animals. Roger Moore has a great but depressing video regarding it on youtube. Please don't support the production of foie gras. Kind regards.

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