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Kappabashi-Dori en Tokio - El Mercado Más Grande de Equipo y Utensilios de Cocina

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Fácilmente el lugar más grande en la tierra para comprar equipo y utensilios de cocina para restaurantes, esta larga calle en el distrito de Asakusa, en Tokio, me mantuvo ocupado todo un día.

Hay más de 80,000 restaurantes en Tokio y todos compran la mayor parte de sus equipos y utensilios de cocina en este callejón en Asakusa, uno de los barrios de la Capital.

A unos pasos de la estación de metro, tren y barcos de Asakusa, el mercado se señala con claridad en los muchos mapas del barrio.  En realidad no es un mercado, sino una calle comercial dedicada exclusivamente, y quiero decir exclusivamente, a equipo y utensilios para restaurantes.

Puedes pasar todo un día vagabundeando en las más de 150 tiendas a ambos lados de la calle.  Las numerosas tiendas de equipo de cocina de Paris parecen provinciales y diminutas comparadas con Kappabashi-Dori, donde algunas tiendas individuales tienen el doble del tamaño de Dehillerin.

Todas las tiendas venden a particulares, incluyendo apasionados chefs caseros como yo.  Los precios son fijos aunque puedes pedir un descuento.  Haz click para agrandar la foto.


Esta tienda vende papelería para restaurantes en japonés.


Algunas tiendas se especializan en equipo profesional para un solo platillo, como esta tienda que vende todo lo que necesitas para hacer tallarines soba a mano desde cero.  NO venden nada más.

En varias tiendas como esta venden loza japonesa. ¡Haz click para agrandarla!



Una combinación curiosa - carbón de primera para restaurantes de yakitori y un muy impresionante mortero con su mano de madera para machacar arroz y hacer paseteles mochi.  Nada cómodo para el avión.

Una tienda que vende cuchillería con un propietario que habla inglés.  Le compré un enorme cuchillo para tallarines soba.


Todo tipo de letreros para restaurantes de todos los gustos.

No estoy muy seguro del tipo de platillos que muchos de los equipos producen.  Pero los japoneses son grandes entusiastas de la cultura culinaria europea y vi algunos de los equipos de cocina de mayor calidad que se usan en las cocinas europeas:

Un muy completo surtido de equipos profesionales de alta calidad para repostería francesa.  ¡Checa los cuencos de cobre para batir claras de huevo y la máquina suiza para templar chocolate (arriba a la derecha)!

Esta tienda en particular tenía incluso una pared llena de moldes de barro para kougelhopf que no pude encontrar en ningún lado en Paris.

Otra tienda vendía cientos de cortadores de galletas - a esos japoneses sí que les gusta la pastelería europea.  Haz click en la imagen para agrandarla enlarge - muy impresionante.


Una de varias tiendas que ofrece los omnipresentes modelos de plástico de platillos japoneses que normalmente ves en los aparadores de los restaurantes japoneses.  De las favoritas de los turistas.  Compré una plato de plástico de tallarines fritos para usar como utilería al fotografiar comida.

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31 comentarios

  • #1
  • Comment by bm
Bonnes photos, interessant, même en anglais bravo  bm
  • #2
  • Comment by Erita
I love the photos!!!!
  • #3
  • Comment by megumi
Wow, I really love your site! And I was just looking for takoyaki pan... Do you know how to get it? I miss so much takoyaki, living in Spain...big hug megumi
  • #4
  • Comment by suresh krishnan
I want to know where I can buy a TAKOYAKI PAN with different sizes.Is it available in singapore or a representative for distributor.
  • #5
  • Comment by alex  tran
  • #6
  • Comment by Mary
I have read some of your articles today and I have to say they are great!!! I specially liked this one,and I loved the pictures (an image says more than 1000 words!). Coming from such a different culture than the Japanese, I find it fascinating.
  • #7
  • Answered by fx
Indeed pictures of a market give a much better idea of what's there than words. The light was quite good on that day and it helped! Hope you get to visit this intriguing market one day.
  • #8
  • Comment by scott
I was there today and bought the three basic knives for my daughter (I'm a lefty and have to stick with my 40yr. old Wusthof's). Love your site.
  • #9
  • Answered by fx
Thanks a lot Scott, I am sure your daughter will keep the knives you have brought her back from Tokyo for many years!
  • #10
  • Comment by pratibha Singh
Hey, I am planning to visit the kappabashi district on tuesday and I will have only that day to browse. Could you let me know the name of the knife shop and how to get there as well as the shop with all the cookie cutters. I am currently in India and would appreciate this help. Thanks
  • #11
  • Comment by Shannon
Hi, I love the photos and info I am planning to visit kappabashi street next week and I will have only one day to browse which is monday. Could you let me know the name of the knife shop and how to get there also any other knife shops I am looking for damascus steel chef's knives. I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  • #12
  • Answered by fx
Shannon, I don't remember the name of the knife shop, but when you come from the river, stay on the side of the Kappabashi Dori street closest to the river and turn right, after a couple blocks you'll see a sign in English that says 'Knives', then turn right and the shop is right around the corner.
  • #13
  • Comment by karin
wow ! I can't wait to go shopping there !!!! great site , thank you !
  • #14
  • Answered by fx
Karin, I hope you make it to Kappabashi Dori, it's a thrilling place for the food enthusiast!
  • #15
  • Comment by Aditio
For me this is really helps. Thank you I like very much your article. If you make another article about the office supplies center in japan or japan fish center for hobbiest ot other .... center in japan. Would yuo let me know thank you
  • #16
  • Comment by JoAnna Douglas
I am about to open a Japanese Restaraunt and need to ask you to please send me a catalog with all info possibly needed. Looking forward to doing business with you. Please contact me.
Thank you.
  • #17
  • Comment by CkFusionist
wah , the mecca of cookwares man....would love to spend a day or so around there hehehe
  • FX's answer→ I just spent two days roaming this market last month and it is really as gorgeous as it looks!

  • #19
  • Comment by Bruce
Bonjour,  Francois-Xavier!  Firstly, a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your website, I'm truly impressed!! (and it takes a lot to impress me..). I feel so lucky to have discovered it, and am really looking forward to exploring it further, it's genuinely inspiring!  You should be very proud!

like your website, I discovered Kappabashi essentially by good luck when in Tokyo a few months ago, and was SO pleased I did -  a Boulevarde of Heaven for Cooks!!  I only had an hour or two to explore,  and your photos have made me determined to go back there and explore more thoroughly. Good job, thanks for these!

Did you visit Kyoto? If you ever go there, you MUST visit Nishiki food market in central Kyoto. It almost makes me cry (with joy!) to remember it, such a range of fresh, superb quality produce, all so beautifully presented. My partner loved it so much she rated it one of our "Top Five Best" food experiences in Japan -  given the Japanese peoples' respect and skill in all matters culinary, that's a high compliment indeed!  And a compliment I echo!!

Kindest regards    
  • FX's answer→ Bruce, thanks for your kind words! Yes of course I visited Nishik market three times, you can see my long article about it by clicking on Japan in the keywords list of this here article. Great place too, I actually slept in a ryokan in the market!

  • #21
  • Comment by VIRIDIANA
  • #22
  • Comment by lorena
agradeceria si por favor podes ayudarme a encontrar un contacto para poder comprar la comida plastica desde argentina, muchas garcias! saludos! lorena
  • #23
  • Comment by bwitt
Thank you for posting the pictures.  I have been to Tokyo numerous times and heard of the street but never had the opportunity to visit.  Next time I go I will.
  • #24
  • Comment by em
Thank you for your site. The pictures give me lovely memories. We spent an afternoon truly amazed at the variety of culinary items but did not allow enough time to see more than one-quarter of what was there. It is so easy to spend so much. Thanks you again.
Great article and photos. I had been to Kappabashi a couple of years ago, but was not alone and rushed through. I will be in Tokyo next week, and intend to repeat my visit at leisure. Your article has encouraged me to do so.

I was so impressed by the Swiss chocolate tempering machine. I have found tempering chocolate a difficult, time consuming task. So naturally the Swiss have a solution...
  • FX's answer→ This is the best place to buy cookware in the whole world bar none!

  • #27
  • Comment by tracey
I can't wait to go there in April. Do u remember the name of the shop that has the copper bowls for egg whtes and french pastry equipment or where it is on kappabashi dori?
  • FX's answer→ Ah no the shop names escape me sorry. Hope you went and had a good time!

  • #29
  • Comment by Bernadette
Love your article and big help for me.
But would you know or remember a shop/s that sells Takoyaki pan?
  • FX's answer→ No worry Bernadette, every other shop in Kappabashi-Dori sells all sorts of Takoyaki pans. Finding one there is about as hard as locating a Starbucks Coffee in Brooklyn!

  • #31
  • Comment by Tom
Can I buy Japanese china bowls from Kappabashi-Dori over the internet and have them shipped to the UK?

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