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Sainte-Maure Goat Cheese Feuilleté

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Use these intriguing cylindrical ash-colored French goat cheeses to make delicious puff pastry appetizers. A traditional French recipe.

I found this very easy gourmet appetizer in the now out-of-print Larousse des Cuisines Régionales. If you have ever been tempted to buy one of these intriguing French goat cheeses but just didn't know how to eat them, here is what to do.

One of the most famous fresh goat cheese in France, the Sainte-Maure weighs about 250gr and is shaped like a cone around a rye straw and rolled in ashes to give him its trademark black color.

Pound your Sainte-Maure with 4 tablespoon of cream, salt and a little pepper until you get a smooth paste.

Buy a sheet of puff pastry (you can do yours from scratch for even better results!).

If you have them, use a fluted circular cookie cutter to cut out puff pastry discs. You could also use a glass. The size depends on how you plan to serve them. Over a salad? Then a larger disc. Smart finger food? The smaller the better.

Put a spoonful of cheese on a disc, wet the edges and add another disc on top.

Press gently all around it to seal. You don't want any hole or the cheese will melt out disgracefully. For smaller portions just use one disc and fold it in half like a Chinese wonton.

Lay them on a sheet of baking paper.

Beat an egg with a tablespoon of milk.

Using a kitchen brush, coat each pastry with the egg mixture. This will give them a nice golden color. You really cannot omit this step in such a simple recipe or your feuilletés will not look good.

Heat up the oven to 230°C.

Bake for about 10 minutes or until well puffed and golden in color. Serve hot.

You can add some chopped walnuts or even finely chopped garlic or chives.

I did this recipe 4 times already and it worked like a charm every time.

If you don't have Sainte Maure you can do this with other goat cheeses - the taste will be different but it should work fine.



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  • Comment by Melissa
Boy, those look great!
  • #2
  • Answered by fx
Thank you Melissa! If you have puff pastry and goat cheese, you'll make these in no time.
  • #3
  • Comment by Penny Lane
My cheese melted out disgracefully!  It was still good, though!
  • #4
  • Comment by kate
Thanks for such a great recipe. I used it to celebrate Bastille Day(a few days early we know) with friends. We had five courses of French food and it was a hit with kids and parents alike. I'm going to use it often now, thanks again - Kate, Sydney Australia.
  • #5
  • Comment by Mary Sanavia
Everytime I browse around your website is like taking a culinary vacation!!! I can't wait to try this recipe,but first I have to make my own all-butter puff pastry!! I know they will come out excellent!
  • #6
  • Answered by fx
Mary, you are very brave to make your own puff pastry, what an adventure! Good luck if you prepare this, you can make it will all sorts of characterful cheeses too.
  • #7
  • Comment by Darjeeling Snow
Best Greetings -
*** Ever since I discovered your article about pistachio paste,  I have always been absolutely mesmerized by your work !!!
You are just terrific !!
*** These little goat cheese pastries are beautiful.  I wish I could find the Laroussse article called "Pate Feuillete en Trois Minutes".... it made me laugh very much when I discovered it in a copy of the "Larousse Gastronomique"....I could see in my mind's eye the chef who finally gave up all the tournage and waiting time and made it all happen 'pif paf' because he was so impatient !! I do not have access to that edition of the book right at the moment, but I keep wishing someone might have it, and would find the recipe worth a try to see if the technique actually worked !!!  Think of it:  trois minutes !!!
*** Thank you so much for all your enthusiam and good cheer,  your adventurous spirit,  and your love which is really tangible across the vast distance !!   DLS
  • FX's answer→ Darjeeling Snow, glad you like my article! Puff pastry is not really that difficult but really seriously long with all the tourage and waiting. The new Larousse Gastronomique is amazing but very highbrow and not hugely practical, doubt there is a puff-pastry-in-3-minutes in there but will check. Are you located in Darjeeling?

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