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French Corn Pumpkin Pie Millhassou

  • By fx
  • on 25/11/2007
  • in Recipes

Gorgeous traditional French pie that would please any crowd in the Midwest too!

Black truffle escaoutoun

  • By fx
  • on 19/02/2007
  • in Recipes

This black truffle corn flour purée beats Robuchon's famous truffle potato purée any day. If you have the truffle, it's damn easy to make.

The meal is on the house

I've never asked not to pay for my lunch in any restaurant. And yet two restaurants the same evening refused to let me pay for my meal while on vacation. How did this happen?

Ember-Roasted Peppers With Grilled Quails and Polenta

  • By fx
  • on 16/04/2007
  • in Recipes

Roasting peppers directly in hot embers gives them an incomparable flavor.

Ginger Allspice Banana Fritters

  • By fx
  • on 15/01/2007
  • in Recipes

If you are not afraid of deep-frying these gorgeous fritters are for you. They can be prepared in minutes and are great both for tea or breakfast.

Parmesan Poppy Seeds Puff Pastry Crackers

  • By fx
  • on 14/12/2006
  • in Recipes

Parmesan puff pastry can serve many purposes - here I tried simple poppy seeds crackers.

Swiss Pepperballs

  • By fx
  • on 20/05/2008
  • in Recipes

No need to be nuts about pepper to enjoy these amazing pepper-flavored gingerbreads. Hugely popular in my parts of the Alps!

Lamb Stew in Intense Yellow Sauce

  • By fx
  • on 22/11/2007
  • in Recipes

Amazing traditional shepherds' stew from Abruzzo with a sauce thickened with lemon, egg yolks and pecorino.

Mother-in-Law Veal Blanquette

  • By fx
  • on 16/05/2008
  • in Recipes

Beautiful French all-white classic fit to impress the most demanding mother-in-law.

Beetroot Pasta Disaster

This intriguing pasta roll turned into a resounding disaster. Can you make something out of it?

Indian Eggplant Spread Cooked Over Hot Embers

  • By fx
  • on 15/11/2007
  • in Recipes

Aubergine spread cooked directly over hot embers - a hot and smokey traditional Indian recipe.

Swiss Alpine Potatoes

  • By fx
  • on 07/03/2008
  • in Recipes

A simple dish using gorgeous Swiss ingredients you can bring back from an Alpine vacation.

Pigeons Bologna-Style

  • By fx
  • on 03/03/2008
  • in Recipes

Gorgeous self-contained romantic dinner in a pot. A traditional recipe from Bologna, Italy.

Spelt Pappardelle with Grouse Sauce

  • By fx
  • on 04/10/2007
  • in Recipes

Homemade freshly-milled spelt flour noodles in a century-old sauce from a grouse that came with the feathers. Quite an experience!

Creamy Agliata Verde

  • By fx
  • on 12/03/2007
  • in Recipes

This traditional recipe from the confines of Italy and Switzerland brings together the delicious full fat creamy tomme with a unique Alpine herbal pesto.

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