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May26th Processing shelling beans from my garden
   Dhal Makhani with homegrown beans
April20th Khoresht-e Bademjan
 18th Japanese TV behind the scenes
 14th FXcuisine on Japanese TV
 7th Frying Eggplants like a Persian Mama
March29th French Medieval Bread Fouées
 24th Swiss Chard Pkhali
 22th Georgian Chicken Walnut Satsivi
 11th Wood Fired Chestnut Pancakes Necci
 8th Decadent Baked Vacherin Cheese
February29th Kampot Pepper Plantation


October25th Swiss Saffron Harvest
August20th String-Roasted Leg of Lamb (VIDEO)
April14th Pasta all'arrabbiata
 2th Swiss Apple Roesti (Video)
March27th London Pub Informant
 23th Beenleigh Blue Pasta
 18th Neal's Yard Dairy
 16th Japanese Culinary Artifacts
 12th Books For Cooks
 11th Tea with Sir Hugh
 5th Ultimate Speck
February13th Proper French Crêpes
January21th Japanese Bladesmiths
 16th Osaka Crab Extravaganza
 12th Japanese Green Tea


December25th Montgomery's Cheddar
 23th Foie Gras Terrine (Video)
 17th My First Video
 8th Swiss Alps Ricotta
 1th Potato Chips Night Shift
November28th Stilton with Port
 26th Salama da sugo
 21th Primeval Tyrolian Cheese
 17th Swiss Sugar Factory
 12th Saint Martin Fair
 10th Pear, Walnut and Gorgonzola Bruschetta
 6th Eataly - Slow Food Superstore
 3th A night at the Liboson
October30th Slow Food Fair
 27th Cheese and Wine Soup
 23th Paris Truffle Dinners
 20th Swiss Alpine Gingerbreads
 16th French Blanc-Manger
 13th Hard Core Swiss Vacherin Cheese
 9th Chicken for Dessert
 6th Slow Food Organic Rice Krispies Treat
 3th The Passion of the Boar
September29th Potato Raviolis
 25th Red-Hot Medieval Roots
 23th Swiss Federal Fast Soup
 18th A Jam Fit for a Queen
 15th Swiss Wine Tart
 11th Verdun Sugar Coated Almonds
 8th Ramadan Kebabs in Istanbul
 4th Medieval Hypocras at Hattonchâtel
 1th French castle Expedition
August29th FXcuisine's Date Chutney
 25th Pasta con i fagioli
 22th Real Hot Chocolate
 19th The Battle of the Knoedel
 15th Serious French Cottage Pie
 12th Sicilian Watermelon Folly
 11th Swiss Alps Cheesemaking
 4th Nostradamus Cherry Jelly
 1th Bigoli, Bigolaro, Bigolarist
July28th Triple Baked Rubharb Tart
 24th Engine Room Dosas
 21th I like Small Fry
 17th Quicke's Slow Food Cheddar
 14th Sicilian Cartwheel Driver Pasta
 11th Swiss Steamer Dining
 7th Aioli - Mediterranean Garlic Sauce
 4th Clam Juice Risotto
 1th Proper Pea Soup
June30th Sicilian Lemon Leaf Meatballs
 27th Normandy Apple Pie
 26th Cauliflower Frittata
 23th Swiss Knife Factory
 20th Pink Leg of Lamb
 17th Swiss Raclette
 12th Beetroot Pasta Disaster
 10th Rhubarb Strawberry Tiramisù
 6th A Visit of Château Pavie
 2th Asparagus à la Pompadour
May26th Schabziger Pasta
 22th The Five Hundred Dollar Pot
 20th Swiss Pepperballs
 16th Mother-in-Law Veal Blanquette
 13th Italian Buckwheat Torta
 7th Asparagus Malloredus
 5th Moroccan Chicken Prune Tagine
 1th Swiss Pastry Factory
April28th The Weekend Tandoorist
 24th Bring Out The Falsomagro
 21th Asparagus like Green Peas
 16th Burning Snowman Cookies
 14th Anti Cholesterol Vegetarian Starter
 10th Serious Fruitcake
 9th FXcuisine's Ragù Finto
 7th Molecular Gastronomy Seminar
 3th Sicilian Tangerine Sorbet
March31th Lucknow Edible Silver Foil
 28th Poutine Will Keep You Warm Throughout Winter
 25th Dinner at Le Train Bleu
 23th Rabbit Head Pasta
 19th Hard-Boiled Swiss Jesus
 17th The Four Hour Lunch
 14th Sicilian Drowned Broccoli
 10th Buckwheat Pancakes Secrets
 7th Swiss Alpine Potatoes
 3th Pigeons Bologna-Style
February29th Lasagna From Scratch
 25th French Garlic Soup
 22th Serious Ragù Bolognese
 20th A Day Out in the Swiss Alps
 18th Toothless Nawab Kebab
 13th A Night at Jeema-El-Fna
 11th Swiss Apple Pasta
 5th Pasta ncasciata
January31th Marrakech Cooking Class
 29th Cardamom Plantation Visit
 23th The Road to Hell Is Paved With Truffles
 22th Beef Bourguignon
 21th My Most Intriguing Pan
 16th Alpine Rabbit Stew
 10th Sicilian Chocolate Lasagna


December21th Heaven is a Plate of Tortellini
 18th 2000-year-old Almond Cookie
 14th Chocolate Raspberry Moelleux
 12th Pumpkin Gnocchis
 11th Swiss Cheese Fritters
 10th Beef Carrot Daube
 6th A Bread Fit For a King
 4th I made my own raviolis
November28th Deep-Fried Cheeseburger
 25th French Corn Pumpkin Pie Millhassou
 22th Lamb Stew in Intense Yellow Sauce
 15th Indian Eggplant Spread Cooked Over Hot Embers
 14th Swiss Rock-Hard Stale Bread Cream
 7th Italian Minestrone Vegetable Soup
 5th Papardelle in Sicilian Walnut Meat Sauce
 1th Halloween Pumpkin Risotto
October29th Cholera Beats Cornish Pasty Any Day!
 26th Sicilian Almond Sorbet
 23th Moldavian Pig Slaughter
   Malakoff - Swiss Deep-Fried Cheese Sticks
 17th I love meatballs!
 16th Spaghetti in Squid Ink Sauce
 15th Fry Eggplants like a Sicilian Mama
 4th Spelt Pappardelle with Grouse Sauce
September28th Homemade Garganelli Pasta
 19th Scottish Deep-Fried Pizza
 18th Ember-Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil
   A Sicilian Cookery Class on Mount Etna - Peperonata in Agrodolce
 5th Michelin-Starred Strawberry Sorbet
 4th Tony Soprano's Own Neapolitan Ragù
 3th Pasta for the Sopranos
August28th Pigeon Pasta Pie
 21th Strawberry Risotto
 17th Baba Ganouj on Hot Embers
 15th Scottish Deep-Fried Candy Bar
 10th Sicilian Cash Cow
 9th One for the road at The Last drop in Edinburgh
July26th Magical Italian Pesto Soup
 25th Swiss Alpine Pasture Cheese Croûte
 9th Mangiamaccheroni - Neapolitan Macaroni Eaters
June25th Real Uzbek Plov
 18th Linguine con le vongole - Clams Pasta
 15th Behind the Scene at Alain Ducasse's
 14th Pistachio Ice Cream From Scratch
 11th Persian Jeweled Rice
 10th Quails in Wine Leaves Like the Romans
 7th Angelica Archangelica Pie
May31th Indian Watermelon Curry
 29th Freshly milled polenta sarda
 28th Tandoor-Roasted Boiled Leg of Lamb
 24th Italian Alpine Buckwheat Pasta Pizzocheri
 21th Pizzaiolo del Presidente - Napoli's Most Famous Pizzeria
   Homemade Pistachio Paste
 16th Serious Pasta alla Norma
 14th Pizza Fritta - traditional Neapolitan deep-fried pizza
 2th Arab Lamb Ossobuco
 1th Pasta Cooked Like a Risotto
April24th President Mobutu's Own Brandy
 23th Fish Börek like at Balikçi Sabahattin
 19th Dandelion Syrup
 17th Buying Spices in Istanbul's Egyptian Bazaar
 16th Ember-Roasted Peppers With Grilled Quails and Polenta
 13th Authentic Sicilian Pasta With Broccoli
 11th Tussilago Flowers Sorbet
 2th Snails Have Seven Lives at L'Escargot Montorgueil
March30th Zaletti - the Venetian Cookie
 26th Devil's Chicken
   Making Your Own Meringues
 23th Scandinavian Sour Cream Apple Pie
 21th Homemade Casarecce Pasta
   Black Squid Ink Rice
 19th Successful Gougères
 16th My Indian Butternut Squash Soup
 12th The 300 Minute Egg
   Chestnut Flour Gnocchis
   Creamy Agliata Verde
   Sainte-Maure Goat Cheese Feuilleté
 7th Roasted Vanilla-Caramel Pineapple
   I Made My Own Macaronis From Scratch
 5th Evian Chocolate Sorbet
February26th Foie Gras Stuffed Corn-Fed Chicken
 20th Pistachier at Lenôtre
   Mont d'Or Vacherin Fondue with Black Truffles
 19th Cannelés Bordelais
   Black truffle escaoutoun
   Tuiles à l'orange Lenotre Baking Class
   May I eat your shrimp shells?
 13th Tandoor-Roasted Pineapple Paneer Peppers Onion Salad
   Visiting Pierre Hermé's Pastry Shop in Paris
   Bottarga Pasta
 12th The best raita you'll ever make
   Paris 'Branché' Restaurants
   Neapolitan Genovese Pasta Sauce
   Do you make your own paneer?
 8th Shopping for Arcane Ingredients and Cookware in Paris
   Truffle-hunting in Paris
January30th Priest-stranglers in Neapolitan Meat Sauce
 29th Pakistani Lamb Pulao
 26th Pumpkin Sauce Penne
 23th A Soba Noodles Class in Tokyo
 22th Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market in Tokyo
 18th Nishiki Ichiba Food Market in Kyoto, Japan
 16th Chestnut Pie like Pierre Hermé
 15th Ginger Allspice Banana Fritters
 10th The World's Largest Cookware Market - Kappabashi-Dori in Tokyo


December19th A Visit to Rungis, The World's Biggest Food Market
 14th A Pastry Class at the Paris Lenôtre school
   Parmesan Poppy Seeds Puff Pastry Crackers
 13th Foie Gras Terrine Chargrilled like in Sauternes
   Quails in Rosemary, Garlic and Red Wine Sauce
 12th Black Truffle Soufflé
 6th Homemade Orgeat Syrup (French Barley Water)
 4th Pasta for Dessert II : Chocolate Tagliatelle
November29th Quince Balsamico Chutney
 28th Pasta for Dessert I
 26th Kouign Amann
 20th My Boyhood's Hungarian Plum Dumplings
October9th Pasta con l'anatra - pasta in duck sauce
 6th Cocaine is cheaper than truffles this year
 2th Jerk Tandoori Chicken
September28th The meal is on the house
 25th My New Italian Chitarra Pasta Cutter
 23th Cactus Sorbet
 21th Duck Tour d'Argent
 19th Bubble gum ice cream
 18th Quail Egg Curry
 17th Now that's Chicken Tandoori
 13th Arancini, the cult Sicilian dish
   Guanciale, the magical Roman bacon
   Paris' Oldest Kitchen Equipment Shop
   The Chef is Naked
 12th Your own personal home tandoor
 8th Baking naans in my tandoor

Deep-Fried Cheeseburger
«Ladies and gentlemen... we proudly present the deep-fried hamburger.
Also, we pray this never makes it to Philly.»

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